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Gospels Final Study Guide

Gospels Final Study Guide

“Gospels Final Study Guide”

1) What is the theme of the gospel of Matthew

2) What is the theme of the gospel of Mark

3) What is the theme of the gospel of Luke

4) What is the theme of the gospel of John

5) When was the gospel of Matthew written?

6) When was the gospel of Mark written?

7) When was the gospel of Luke written?

8) When was the gospel of John written?

9) What does gospel mean?

10) What are the three parts that make up a gospel

11) What is the difference between a gospel and a biography?

12) How many chapters of each gospel are focused on the passion week?

13) How many women are mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew?

14) What is the significance of the 14 generations mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy? (Hint: It is the numeric value of a name of a significant OT figure)

15) What city was Joseph from?

16) Which OT figure is John fulfilling by being in the wilderness baptizing? What was John wearing?

17) Explain how all 3 persons of the trinity are involved in Jesus’ baptism
18) What are the 3 times doves are tied to creation in scripture?

19) When Jesus is tempted in the wilderness for 40 days, Mr. Holland compared this to what?

20) How does the Sermon on the Mount begin in the gospel of Matthew?

21) What is difference between the beatitudes in Matthew and in Luke?

22) Name the two types of oracles. 

23) Name a few of the 10 Commandments that Jesus discusses during the Sermon on the Mount (In Matthew) that demonstrate that he is the greater Moses.

24) What are the 3 acts of piety that the Pharisees were doing in order to get attention and appear super-spiritual?

25) Jesus’ healing ministry in Matthew is to demonstrate that he is the fulfilling this Ol Testament passage?

26) Jesus’ healing ministry in Mark is to demonstrate that he has what?

27) At the Transfiguration the disciples go up on a mountain with Jesus and see Elijah and Moses. What do Elijah and Moses represent?

28) What happens at the Triumphal Entry?

29) Are parables “simply” good stories with spiritual meanings? If not, what was the purpose of the parables?

30) Who wrote the gospel of Matthew?

31) Who wrote the gospel of Mark?

32) Who wrote the gospel of Luke?

33) Who wrote the gospel of John?

34) Which is the youngest gospel?

35) Which is the oldest gospel?

36) This word is repeated 47 times in the gospel of Mark.

37) What are 3 interesting things that we know from scripture about the author of Mark?

38) The two OT themes that Mark addresses in his gospel are the themes of the “suffering servant” and the “promised king.” From which passages do we get each of these themes?

1. Suffering Servant:

2. Promised King:

39) The phrase “son of man” comes from two major OT passages/books. What are those two sections?

40) In Mark when Jesus preaches the  gospel “good news,” what does he mean?

41) In the gospel of Mark, we discussed Jesus’ parables a bit further. What are the 3 additional points that we discussed?

42) When Jesus is eating with sinners, is this a model for us to hang out with non-believers for funzies? Explain

43) In Mark 3 who initially thought that Jesus was crazy? 

44) If someone told you that the parable of the “Pearl of Great Price” was about how you can buy your way into heaven, how would you respond to this?

45) What changes about Jesus’ teaching ministry in Mark chapter 8?

46) How did John the Baptist die?

47) How does Jesus feeding the 5000 relate to the life of Israel?

48) Jesus was crucified on this significant Jewish holiday. What holiday is it?

49) In Matthew 16 Jesus says to Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my church.” What group uses this verse as a key aspect of their theology?

50) Matthew’s gospel begins by saying that Jesus is the “Son of David” and “Son of Abraham.” Matthew’s gospel ends with the Great Commission (i.e., Matthew 28:16-20). How does the ending prove that Jesus is the true “Son of David” and “Son of Abraham?”

51) Who is Israel enslaved to the beginning of the gospels?

52) To whom did Luke write his gospel?

53) What did the recipient of the gospel of Luke name mean?

54) To what type of audience did Matthew write his gospel?

55) To what type of audience did Mark write his gospel?

56) To what type of audience did Luke write his gospel?

57) To what type of audience did John write his gospel?

58) Name another book of the bible that Luke wrote?

59) Name another book of the bible that John wrote?

60) Luke’s gospel is the only gospel that includes this part of Jesus’ life

61) Write out one of the stories from the Pseudepigrapha (Not in the bible) about Jesus’ childhood

62) Matthew and Luke both give detail about a sermon that Jesus preached. What are the names of the sermons?

63) In the gospel of Mark, Jesus gives an illustration of a wedding when talking about fasting. Who is the groom and bride in the illustration?

64) In the gospel of John, John the Baptist uses this same illustration of a bride and groom, who does he say that he (John the Baptist) is in the illustration?

65) What was Luke’s job?

66) What was Matthew’s job?

67) What was Theophilus’s job?

68) What is the difference with the beatitudes in Matthew and Luke?

69) Why does Martha get frustrated with Mary in the story of Mary and Martha

70) In the Lord’s prayer, the phrase “give us this day our daily bread” looks back to what major OT event?

71) How does the gospel of John begin?

72) What other book begins the same way as the gospel of John?

73) What two heresies is John combating in his gospel?

74) In John 1:14 it tells us that “the word became flesh and dwelt among us.” What does the word “dwelt” literally mean in greek? Why is it significant in the OT narrative?

75) What is another name for the gospel of John?

76) Where does Jesus’ ministry begin in the gospel of John?
77) What is significant about this event?

78) What day does this event take place?

79) What two OT passages inform us about this particular day that the event took place?

80) What does the “hour” Jesus refers to when he says, “his hour has not yet come” refer to?

81) Does Mary change Jesus’ mind at the wedding of Cana? Why is this significant?
82) Who is the world in John 3:16? Why is this important in the overall biblical narrative?

83) In John 3, Jesus compares his ministry to the OT event of Moses and his staff. Explain how this event and Jesus’s ministry relate to one another.

84) Name all 7 signs in the gospel of John

85) Where was the woman from whom Jesus met at the well?

86) What is the last sign in the gospel of John and how does it lead to the cross/resurrection?

87) Is “belief” in the gospel of John mere accepting of facts about Jesus’ life?

88) Name the solas of the Reformation

89) On what date did Martin Luther nail the 95 theses to the church door?

90) What language were the church services in during the time of the Reformation?

91) What language did Luther initially write the 95 theses in?

92) What language were they later translated into?

93) What did Martin Luther initially go to school to study?

94) Johann Tetzel had slogan he used, which if followed would offer time off in purgatory. What was that slogan?

95) Martin Luther translated the bible into this language

96) What does “sola” stand for?

97) Where was Martin Luther called to recant his writings?

98) The 95 theses were written to demonstrate what group was wrong?

99) Is the Reformation over? Why or why not?

100) Who were the Inklings?

101) What is CS Lewis’s full name? 

102) Name three significant books that CS Lewis wrote

103) Who made the song “highway to the danger zone popular?

104) What movie made this song popular?


105) If a person claims to have gone to heaven and come back how would you respond to this?

106) If a person claimed to know the date when Christ will return, how would you respond to this?
107) If someone claimed that the Old Testament God is a God of wrath and the New Testament God (Jesus) is a God of love, how would you respond to him?

108) Does the “man on the island” who has never heard the gospel go to heaven or hell? Explain you answer

109) How can a person be saved from God’s wrath? Use scripture references in your response

110) Matthew and Luke’s genealogies differ. Does this mean that they contradict one another? If not, explain why

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