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Pentateuch Final Study Guide

Pentateuch Final Study Guide

Pentateuch Final Study Guide

1) Explain what takes place on each day of creation

2) How do days 1-3 parallel to days 3-6 in creation?

3) Who wrote each of the 5 books of the Pentateuch?

4) Why is the creation story in Genesis 1 repeated in Genesis 2?

5) Mr. Holland offered a critique of macro-evolution. What was his critique?

6) How did the curses in Genesis 3 directly relate to the commands that God gave Adam and Eve in Genesis 1?

7) What does proto euangelion mean?

8) List as many names as you can from the side of the seed of the serpent and the seed of promise

9) What does Noah’s name mean? How does it relate to the curse which was placed upon Adam and Eve?

10) Just as Adam fell by the fruit of the tree, Noah falls by the fruit of the_______________.

11) How does Noah know that the land has dried up and it is safe from him/his family to get off the boat?

12) Mr. Holland mentioned that there are 3 times doves hover over creation. What are those three times?

13) The people of Babel sought to make a name for themselves instead of God. What did God do as a result of this?

14) In the very next chapter God tells Abraham he will make Abraham’s name


15) Adam and Eve were called “to be fruitful and multiply.” God then promises to make Abraham

__________________ and _______________ his descendants.

16) God promised Sarah and Abraham a child. This was not taking place as quickly as they wanted. So, Abraham and Sarah tried to rush the promises of God. Who did Sarah give to Abraham in hopes of having a child?

17) Is the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac a model for us to have faith that is willing to give up our own children to the Lord?

18) Jesus is not a priest according to the line of Aaron. Jesus is a priest according to the line of who?

19) Melchizedek is a priest/king from what city? What does the city name mean?

20) Esau’s name is also this? His people will become a “who’s who” of bad guys in the OT.

21) Mr. Holland discussed how this NT figure is from the line of Esau. Who is he?

22) Jacob’s name changes to what after he wrestles with the Lord?

23) Jacob’s children become the (how many) tribes of Israel?

24) Where does Jacob meet Rachel?

25) Where did Isaac meet Rebekah?

26) Where did Moses meet his wife?

27) What is Joseph’s first prophetic dream?

28) How does Joseph’s brothers respond to this dream?

29) Jacob gave Joseph what type of article of clothing?

30) Joseph is put into prison because of this wicked person?

31) Who are the two people Joseph meet in prison?

32) What happens to these two people as a result of Joseph interpreting their dreams?

33) What is Pharaoh’s dream that he has that Joseph interprets?

34) How does this dream then result in Joseph’s family coming to Egypt?

35) What does the name Exodus mean?

36) What does the name Leviticus mean?

37) What are the two name meanings for the book of Numbers?

38) What does the name Deuteronomy mean?

39) What are the 3 major themes in Exodus?

40) From Exodus 19- Numbers 4 Israel is in one location. Name that location.

41) Exodus begins (Exodus 1:7) picking up on a theme that goes all the way back to Genesis 1:28. What is that theme?

42) What are the plagues placed on Egypt during the Exodus?

43) Moses asks for signs to take back to the Israelites to prove that he is truly from God. What are those 3 signs?

44) What is God’s name that reveals to Moses?

45) What is Passover and how does it relate to Jesus?

46) According to Paul in 1 Cor 10:1-4 all the Exodus events were about Jesus. Explain how 1 Cor 10 illustrates this.

47) How were the Israelites fed in the wilderness. What is the name of the food, which they ate?

48) How did God lead Israel out of the slavery to Egypt

49) When the people of Israel complained because they were thirsty, how did the Lord provide water for them?

50) In Romans 6 Paul compares the crossing of the Red Sea to

51) Who was Israel enslaved to at the beginning of the book of Exodus?

52) What are two names for the first 5 books of the Old Testament?

53) Why does Pharaoh command the killing of the male children?

54) How was Moses saved from the killing of all the male children?

55) What New Testament figure was also saved from the commanded killing of all children?

56) How did the people of Israel receive water in the wilderness?

57) List the 10 commandments

58) What were the people of Israel doing whenever Moses came down from the Mountain?

59) The book of Exodus ends with instruction for building this

60) Mr. Holland compared Exodus 19 to a marriage covenant. How do the Israelites respond after receiving the law?

61) What does the name Leviticus mean?

62) List all the various sacrifices mentioned in Leviticus

63) What are the 3 categories of cleanliness in Leviticus?

64) What are the feasts Israel was commanded to participate in?

65) Where are the people of Israel located at during the book of Leviticus?

66) Did God accept the first sacrifice in the book of Leviticus?

67) Did God accept the second sacrifice in the book of Leviticus?

68) What was inside the Ark of the Covenant?

69) How often did the Day of the Atonement take place?

70) Describe the Year of Jubilee and why it is significant

71) Where is the location of Israel during the book of Numbers?

72) Does Moses make it into the promise land?

73) What did God command Moses to do with the rock?

74) What did Moses do to the rock?

75) Who did the people of Israel send into the land of Canaan before they would go into the land?

76) What did these people wrongly report back to the people of Israel?

77) What is the theme of Leviticus?

78) What is the theme of Numbers?

79) What is the theme of Deuteronomy?

80) Around what date did the book of Deuteronomy take place?

81) What is the name of the type of treaty that structures the book of Deuteronomy?

82) List and explain the various elements of this type of treaty and how they pertain to the book of Deuteronomy. Please provide scripture references.

83) What is the name of Deuteronomy 6:4-5?

84) How many sermons of Moses make up the book of Deuteronomy?

85) Where are the Israelites located during the book of Deuteronomy?

86) If Moses dies in the book of Deuteronomy, who finishes writing the book? Did Moses prophecy his own death?

87) What happened to the first generations of the Israelites who made it to the banks of Canaan?

88) Why did the law need to be re-read to the people of Israel in the book of Deuteronomy?

89) In Deut. 31:1-34:2 the baton passes from Moses to who?

90) Moses desired that the law would be written not just on stone, but on/in what?

91) Deuteronomy’s emphasis on life in the promise land anticipates life where? How is this accomplished?

92) Name the solas of the Reformation

93) On what date did Martin Luther nail the 95 theses to the church door?

94) What language was the church services in during the time of the Reformation?

95) In what language did Luther initially write the 95 theses?

96) Into what language were the 95 theses later translated?

97) What did Martin Luther initially go to school to study?

98) Johann Tetzel had slogan he used, which if followed would offer time off in purgatory. What was that slogan?

99) Martin Luther translated the bible into this language

100) What does “sola” stand for?

101) Where was Martin Luther called to recant his writings?

102) The 95 theses were written as a correction to this religious group?

103) Who made the song “highway to the danger zone popular?

104) What movie made this song popular?

105) If someone asked you why you do not practice all the cleanliness laws in the book of Leviticus how would you respond?

106) If someone told you that the Old Testament describes a God of wrath and the New Testament describes a God of love, how would you respond to them?

107) Explain how all the Old Testament is a story about Jesus

108) How can a person go from being under the wrath of God to being in a right standing with God? (Use scripture references to explain your response)

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